What is it?

A surfski is a long, narrow, and lightweight craft similar to a kayak but with an open “sit-on-top” cockpit and a self-bailer to eliminate water. The design makes it easy to reenter and a safe craft to paddle. Surfskis are primarily designed for speed, including fast runs at the open seas using the force from the waves to surf forward. The steering is a pedal-operated rudder that controls the boat while surfing.

Surfski is a big professionalized sport in several countries all over the world. The European countries and even the cold Baltic countries has stated to make their way into the international level and surfski has started to become a part of the Danish paddle culture.

Now, in 2019 the surfski sport is really growing! Do you want to stay in the wave of this amazing paddle discipline?

Do you want to know more about the sport? Check: This is a homepage for Surfski and Downwinding in Denmark.

WATERZ Program and is organizing two clinics at WATERS.

Teacher: Emma Broberg is one of the most experienced surfski paddlers in Scandinavia. She has travelled all over the world learning from the best and competing against the best athletes in the world. She is also an experienced instructor and is one of the only IPP 3 Surfski instructors in Denmark.

Beginner Clinic 90 min.

Friday d. 6/9 16:00-17:30 (200kr.) 6 spots

Friday d. 6/9 18:00-19:30 (200kr.) 6 spots

Follow this LINK to get your ticket

At the beginner clinic you will learn about the surfski sport and culture. You will learn how to carry the surfski safely, getting in and out, remounting and basic paddle technique. This basic level will match a surfski IPP2 level. And you can do it with none or a small knowledge about paddling. Try to lend or borrow a surfski that fits your level. Windsport have a few to lend/borrow for these clinics. Contact Gabi at windsport to get more information, phone: 21246340.

Advanced Clinic 3 hours

Saturday d. 7/9 (300kr.) (10 spots)

Start at 09.00 can change in case of weather change

At the advanced clinic, we will dig deeper into paddling technique. I will talk about how to surf and downwind. There will be some lecture on the beach, but also also a lot of testing on the water. The advanced level will match the skill level of an IPP3 surfski. At this level you should already have your own gear

Follow this LINK to get your ticket