Overview Location / Area

WATERZ is held on different locations in Hvide Sande. This will give you the grand overview on where to go, to find the action you are looking for. 

Aqua Sports Zone:

Is situated in the northern part of the town on the Fjord side. Here you will find the WATERZ headoffice and check-in during the event. In this area the event tent will be placed, where you can follow the competitions and meet with friends for something to eat and drink. You will also find Westwind Nord and the Cablepark here.

The Cablepark:
This is the base of all wakeboard competition/show. Make sure to stop by here, you will have first class access to the competition as spectator, sitting on the deck of the restaurant platform. At the cablepark you can get food and drinks with your friends, while you enjoy the music and the veiw. www.kabelpark.dk

Westwind Nord:
This is the middle of the boiling pot of windsurfers and kitesurfers accessing the beach during the big long distance race. The shop will be ready for your visit, and distributors will show you the latest surfgear. You will also be able to try your skills with windsurfing. Nord.westwind.dk/

The South Pier:

Is placed just south of the harbor on the ocean side of town. The Danish Surf Tour will here make a tour stop at WATERZ. This is where you can stop by to try out your skills on SUP and Surfboard in the waves. At the parkinglot just in front of the South Pier you’ll find Westwind Surf Café, where you can meet with friends for a coffee and listen to the music, and the waves just behind the dunes.